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The purpose of this website is to develop clear and detailed analysis of Scientology using direct observation and logical reasoning.

As an example, in evaluating Scientology’s theories and methods “direct observation” would involve looking directly at Scientology’s original materials as opposed to someone’s second hand interpretations and explanations of Scientology theory and practice.

Another example of “direct observation” is looking at the actual results of Scientology on the people that have been involved in it and its actual accomplishments or lack thereof as opposed to some statements about what Scientology supposedly accomplishes – such as statements by the Founder or Scientologists themselves.

The main purpose here is to establish the TRUTH by looking at and logically evaluating what IS – the actual reality of any given aspect of Scientology, as opposed to someone’s claims or assertions about that reality. Claims and assertions in themselves can be looked at to see how well they compare against the actual realities to which they apply.