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Of course, a deeper study and understanding of Scientology would require open access to its source materials, but this is very problematic for a number of reasons:

  1. Many of Scientology original publications are copyright protected and owned by The Church of Spiritual Technology (one of a number of corporate entities of the modern day Church of Scientology).
  2. Modern day Church of Scientology does not sell or otherwise disseminate original Scientology publications that existed under its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Under the leadership of David Miscavige all of Scientology books were re-edited with malicious alterations in both content and grammatical structure, and these new, distorted editions are now falsely advertised and sold to Scientologists and the general public as the books of L. Ron Hubbard.
  3. Even though many of Hubbard’s lectures were made available on CD’s, they have been priced to be out of reach for a casual researcher.
  4. The sheer volume of all of Scientology materials can be simply too overwhelming to confront without experienced guidance.

Hence, this project will take advantage of Fair Use provisions to isolate and present key sections of Scientology materials in order to provide an overview and analysis of the key aspects of its theory and practice.

Detailed information about original Dianetics and Scientology materials, overview of specific alterations that were introduced by David Miscavige, as well as copyrights information can be found at which is a predecessor project to this website.


Scientology could be better understood by breaking it down into 6 general areas:

1) DIANETICS TECHNOLOGY: operation of the mind and methods of working with it – the emphasis is on processing memory recordings

  • Echelon 1: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – going back to an earlier similar on a chain of related incidents.
  • Echelon 2: Theta-MEST theory, Tone Scale, and Processing Gradients (pleasure moments, locks, engrams)
  • Echelon 3: Effort Processing: thought, emotion, and effort / counter-thought, counter-emotion, counter-effort


2) SCIENTOLOGY SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY: the nature of a spirit being and its abilities – the emphasis is on developing abilities

  • Creative Processing
  • Processes under Route 1 and 2
  • Processing under Games Conditions
  • TR’s and Objectives

Scientology OT Levels is a highly controversial area which could take up a category of its own. These will not be discussed on this website.

The two areas above were developed through 1950’s.


3) Methods of Psychological Manipulation and Entrapment (introduced through the 1960’s)

  • Suppression of criticism and departures
  • O/W write-ups and auditing
  • Overt-Motivator theory and practice
  • PTS/SP Technology
  • Lower Conditions


4) Supporting Technology

  • Study Tech
  • Data Evaluation
  • Group Principles
  • Admin Scale
  • Art, Finance, and Public Relations


5) Hubbard’s Organization Construct – Totalitarian Dictatorship

  • Org Board Chart
  • Justice System
  • Management: Guardians Office, The Sea Organization and its subgroups
  • This area includes all of the theories and methods from 3) above.


6) The era of leadership by David Miscavige (early 1980’s till present) – will not be covered within this section of analysis as it is plagued by issues that are best viewed and handled within the framework of law as opposed to a spiritual practice and its organization.


The general breakdown of D&S Materials is as follows:

  • Books
  • Technical (Red) Volumes
  • Administrative (Green) Volumes
  • Research and Discovery Volumes
  • Training Packs and other miscellaneous materials
  • Book Lectures
  • Congress Lectures
  • Advanced Clinical Course (ACC) Lectures
  • Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (SHSBC) Lectures
  • Various Lecture Sets specific to training
  • Confidential Lectures: to include OT materials and various lectures specific to managing Scientology organizations such as Sea Org Only lectures.


These include various Training and Promotional videos

To get more detailed information about Dianetics and Scientology materials, visit


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